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Kim Kibum's Best Moment

Best moment of Shinee's Kim Kibum
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Key's gif spam

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lovely icons by countthesorrows

source of gif: fancams from various youtube accounts.


kisekey is a community dedicated to posting animation/gif of shinee's almighty key, kim kibum. here you can find various heart-melting moment of kibum captured in gif. this community is currently managed by innocently_hot. feel free to contact her if you have any question regarding this community or suggestion to make this community better.

Posts are members locked. Please join the community to see all the entries // Spazz all you can but do not bashing, leaving rude comments. Be respectful of all members' opinions // Credit innocently_hot or kisekey if taking any gif outside of this community // Definitely, no hotlinking! Please upload to your own server if you wish to post the gif anywhere else